Card Tag.jpg

Annie Voullaire: Weaving Company.

The main idea for this logo was to incorporate traditional materials and tools used within the weaving craft and her initials. Our client wanted to summarise her business in a very clean simple way, whilst keeping to the authenticity of the industry.


Using a mood board of tools, colour palettes of Jade green (a predominant colour used in her textiles),  shapes, and text helped us to understand what elements work best together and how text would form a relationship with the logo, without distracting from the meaning. After a handful of potential designs and colour combinations, we found the yarn (a roll of waving thread) to be the most visible and recognisable shape for the craft and the logo. Her initials where then included by extending the thread around the yarn to twist and shape into an A and a V. 

Final Card Labels 85mmx55mm (FRONT).jpg
Final Card Labels 85mmx55mm (BACK).jpg
Sew-in Label.jpg