This Asian Street Food brand, Bamboo, is a modern Asian fusion restaurant. The name was inspired by the bamboo baskets that food may be served in several East Asian countries. The basket/bowl can be seen in the logo, alongside the ‘Bamboo’ text in place of the food within the bowl and some simple chopsticks to accompany the logo. The logo expressed clearly what the brand is trying to communicate. The colour psychology behind the red and yellows used within the logo, are that these two colours are known to increase hunger and also hint to the colour of the Chinese flag, where bamboo is a symbol of their traditional values.


The bright pink used within other elements of the brand creates a soft and calmer feel, however used against the red and yellow, all three colours become very bright which would hopefully indicate the fresh, modern feel of the street food restaurant. 


The font and imagery used throughout all assets of the brand are in keeping with Asian fusion restaurants and the traditional look of text in East Asian culture.