Footwork Media


October 2021

Footwork Media was founded in 2021 by friends Sammy and George, who met via their mutual love of audio content production.

Footwork got in touch with us to create a brand and identity that was not only eye-catching, unique but gave a strong connection with their line of work and personalities. The logo and brand we created is a blend of corporate expertise's, that you expect from a consultancy, and playful, creative youthfulness.

The primary logo incorporates headphones, symbolising  sound, media and creativity whilst it is used standalone as their secondary logo and colour scheme throughout the brand.

Through working together on various projects, they realised that over the years they had developed systems of working that could potentially benefit other people hoping to start in podcasting.


Both Sammy and George believe that long gone are the days where in order to create a successful career in audio you need a state-of-the art studio and the backing of a major radio station: anybody with an idea, a passion, and a bit of hustle can build a great podcast career and make good money through their work.